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Critique and Critique Group Resources

At the December meeting of the MWA-Montgomery, Carolee Noury presented tips and best practices for giving and receiving critique. She also provided some very helpful resources for finding critique partners and forming critique groups.

Here are the resources from Carolee’s handout. You can also find them located permanently on our Resources page.

How to Give Helpful Critique (ßmany helpful articles and her critique sheet are linked there)


How to Make the Most of Critique on Your Work


How to Form/Run/Find a Critique Group


Online Critique Groups and Resources

“Critique Circle is an online writing workshop for all authors, whether they write literary fiction, genre fiction, articles or short stories.”

“The ultimate goal of Critters is to help improve your craft, not only by having your work dissected by other members, but also by learning to dissect your own work (by, of course, dissecting others).”

(Compiled by Carolee Noury, caroleenoury [at] gmail [dot] com, December 2015)

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Volunteering Opportunities: Secretary of the Board and the Greenbelt Festival of Lights

As an all-volunteer organization, MWA-Montgomery relies on you, our members, to make our chapter meetings and special events possible. We have volunteer opportunities of all sizes throughout the year, and we always welcome new faces and fresh voices to help us become stronger.

We are currently looking for a new Secretary of the Board as well as volunteers to work the table at the Greenbelt Festival of Lights.

Secretary of the Board

Have you thought about joining the board? This is a great time to find out what it’s all about! We are looking for someone to step in for the remainder of the 2015-2016 board term, ending June 2016. Are you up to the challenge?

The position entails:

  1. Attending a monthly 1.5-hour board meeting. This is usually by phone, with an in-person meeting once a quarter.
  2. Taking minutes at the board meeting.
  3. Attending as many chapter meetings as you can.
  4. Filling out a one-page chapter report that lists how many people were at the meeting, who the speaker was, and a few other points.
  5. Helping out for a couple of hours at the three book festivals that we do each year.
All board members help plan events and contribute to our mission of building a community of writers.
For more information, email Katherine Pickett at


Greenbelt Festival of Lights

This two-day event takes place December 5 and 6 at the Greenbelt Community Center. MWA-Montgomery is looking for volunteers to staff the table. You can mingle with other MWA members, spread the word about MWA and what it offers writers, and sell your book if you have one.

Volunteers who will be selling a book are asked to donate 3-4 hours. Those who do not have a book are invited to donate 2 or more hours. Help with setup and breakdown is always appreciated!

Please visit our sign-up form on SignUp Genius at to learn more and to sign up. I hope you’ll join us!


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October 14 Meeting Follow-Up: Publishing Paths

Wednesday, October 14, chapter president Katherine Pickett presented on the many paths to publication. We had a great turnout, but that meant we were short on handouts! To rectify the problem, we are posting them here.

The first is the Publishing Paths Personal Assessment. The questions offer a starting point for assessing your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, which is essential in choosing the publishing path that’s right for you and your book.

Click the link below to view the Publishing Paths Personal Assessment. Note that you will need Adobe Acrobat in order to access the document and may be asked to save it to your computer.

Publishing Paths Personal Assessment

The second is the Publishing Paths Cheat Sheet. If you couldn’t catch all of the tips and tidbits, this sheet will give you the highlights. For each path, Katherine has noted who this path would be ideal for and what the finances are for that path.

Click the link below to view the Publishing Paths Cheat Sheet. Note that you will need Adobe Acrobat in order to access the document and may be asked to save it to your computer.

Publishing Paths Cheat Sheet

Thank you to everyone who turned out for this meeting. It was wonderful to see all of the new and returning faces. Hope to see you again next month!

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September 12 Meeting Follow-up – MCPL Resources

E HorwitzAt the September 12 chapter meeting, Eric Horwitz brought us his invaluable insights into the numerous resources that the Montgomery County Public Library system has to offer writers.

The meeting was jam-packed with information, but unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties and Eric was unable to share his visual aids with us. Because of that, Eric has sent not one but four slide shows to share.

These presentations contain details on all of the resources he covered in his talk and more. Click the links below to access this time- and money-saving information. Please note: You will need PowerPoint in order to view the presentations. You may also be asked to download the file to your computer.

MCPL – Resources for Job Hunters

MCPL – Resources for Community & Civic Groups

MCPL – Resources for College Students

MCPL – Resources for Business Groups

A warm Thank You to Eric for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with the Montgomery County chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association!

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Welcome, 2015-2016 Board Members!

The new MWA-Montgomery board has been elected. Please join me in welcoming to the board:

  • Chris Anglim (secretary),
  • Renne Haden (membership chair),
  • Shelley Johnson Carey (publicity), and
  • Carolee Noury (programs chair)

And thank you to Carl Rauscher (webmaster) and Joe Demasco (treasurer) for staying on for another term!