Chapter News

September 12 Meeting Follow-up – MCPL Resources

E HorwitzAt the September 12 chapter meeting, Eric Horwitz brought us his invaluable insights into the numerous resources that the Montgomery County Public Library system has to offer writers.

The meeting was jam-packed with information, but unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties and Eric was unable to share his visual aids with us. Because of that, Eric has sent not one but four slide shows to share.

These presentations contain details on all of the resources he covered in his talk and more. Click the links below to access this time- and money-saving information. Please note: You will need PowerPoint in order to view the presentations. You may also be asked to download the file to your computer.

MCPL – Resources for Job Hunters

MCPL – Resources for Community & Civic Groups

MCPL – Resources for College Students

MCPL – Resources for Business Groups

A warm Thank You to Eric for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with the Montgomery County chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association!


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